Secure Open Source (S.O.S.) Networking event next Saturday

The goal is to discuss open source networking frameworks and potential build one in-house. Working in collaboration with VHS.

Contact @the and @pion for more details.

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What’s the big idea?

We now have mass market end to end encryption apps such as Signal et al. :partying_face: W00t :partying_face:

HOWEVER, it doesn’t matter how secure your info is in transit if they can just hook your touchscreen. Your device is now the weakest link in the chain.

The new frontier: secure hardware.

There’s a cabal of Noisebridgers interested in the issue of Open Hardware for Secure Networking And Privacy… OH SNAP. We’re working on OHSNAP products that we want in our lives, connecting like-minded groups, and working to make hackerspaces fertile ground for OHSNAP product development.

Hackerspaces, makerspaces, community workshops etc. may be ideal places for this, as they already have most of the requisite infrastructure and knowledgeable peeps to start tinkering with electronics. As we work on our own projects, we’re trying to put together tips for other spaces on things like bootstrapping your operation through preorders and scaling up production. The hope is that we can get an ecosystem of projects up and running with products on offer by the time (with any luck) there is consumer demand for private devices.

Here’s an example project: Tin Foil Chat

It uses “data diodes” to ensure one-way flow of information from source to destination computers, aiming to eliminate remote exploitability.

We have some nodes out there, and as the testnet grows we’re refining the hardware product.

Currently we have a data diode that looks like this:

And we want to make it look like this:

(give or take a few components)

If that kind of thing is up your alley, come join the jitsi hangout Saturdays at 2pm PST!
(that’s like, tomorrow!)

Stay excellent!


The Finns beat us to it!

New data diode PCB for plug and play components, ideal for distributed manufacturing across hackerspaces:


Riseup Pad with some ongoing project notes

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Noisebridge currently has 1 full node, 1 local testing config:


fun fact, when Andrew “Bunnie” Huang was asked about something he wished was open source that currently wasn’t here is what he said:

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Meeting again at 2pm today in

2pm on Fridays is now our regular meeting time. Hack on!