Secure Open Source (S.O.S.) Networking event next Saturday

The goal is to discuss open source networking frameworks and potential build one in-house. Working in collaboration with VHS.

Contact @the and @pion for more details.

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Following our video chat today, I reached out to @maqp, specifically asking him for his thoughts on secure open source router hardware. He’s a busy guy, so no expectations, but he might be able to give us some pointers/perspective as we get our group together for networking hardware hacking, or whatever this becomes.

I asked him if he was aware of anything else that existed along the lines of Tin Foil Chat, and he linked to two projects:

NSA Away

and Jackpair

I also thought of Andrew Huang’s project Betrusted


Set up a slack group to chat about SOS dev…pm me if you would like the invite link