Scuttlebutt Transfer from Unicorn to Brony

I kicked off a transfer of the .ssb-pub-data from Unicorn to Brony, right now it’s going to /home/noisebridge/unicorn-ssb-pub-data. I used rsync with --fake-super, so its storing any linuxy metadata in extended attributes, if those are important, then we will need to rsync it again locally to restore them…

I probably won’t touch it again for a few days after the copy is going, need to take a break and focus on other things, but maybe someone could get the container going on Brony? bonus points if you setup if you setup a max size for the volume, and also put the volume in a more sensible place… like maybe /srv/scuttlebutt ? anyway no sweat, we can make these improvements incrementally later

EDIT: Also its like 40 GB, so it will probably take several hours

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Actually, its already finished copying… computers are too fast

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