Scheduling Sunday for "Minimum Basic Operations" at 2169 Mission

hello - we’re planning to do some totally legit “taking care of business” type stuff at 2169 tomorrow morning/early afternoon (Sunday June 14th) - until about 4 PM (and possibly quite a bit later, depending on how things go).

“We” being myself and @the (x) coordinating with Mohammed to let us in - possibly as early as 10 AM.

So, at this point are expecting at least 3 people in the space tomorrow - close to our recently consensed-upon limit of 4.

Anticipating other people might want to get in at some point, can have someone step out for a while to accommodate - but would appreciate if at all possible to instead schedule some other time in advance (much as I’m trying to do here now).

(Perhaps this could be a reasonable template to follow when coordinating the number of people in the space at any given time - in the spirit of transparency and fairness for anyone else needing access while NB is operating at limited capacity …)

  • Number of people: 3
  • Requested time: 10 AM to 4 PM
  • Contacts: Dan, X, Mohammed
    • python -c 'print(103*443*91033)' # <- Mohammed's phone
  • Totally Legit Purpose(s) for Being There:
    • moving prep
    • coronavirus safety stuff
    • setting up videoconference station


Love it :slightly_smiling_face:

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