Saw Stop Brake & Blade Replacement Cost

(Jameson) #1

Hi. Last Wednesday, my friend set off the SawStop Emergency Brake. We notified Tyler, who seemed to be most knowledgeable on the topic. Tyler said he’d order a replacement and post the amount it cost here (she would like donate an amount to cover her mistake). I have not seen anything. Does anyone know how much the new SawStop brake cost?

(Tyler Maran) #2

Hey Jameson,

This is Tyler, sorry dropped the ball on that one. A new Saw Stop is $79.
And blades range in price, but usually run $20 - $25.

(James) #3

@jameson any additional donation can be put directly towards @robbintt reimbursement for the original sawstop purchase at

(Trent) #4

That would be great - there is still some $700 - $1000 that it would be cool to be reimbursed.

(Jarrod) #5

Has a cartridge been ordered. I’m happy to order one and request reimbursement.

(Trent) #6

I never heard back, I would love to do some woodworking this June-August.

(Jarrod) #7

Alright, i’ve ordered one. If someone else did also, then we’ll have an extra.