Saturday Packing / Moving (7/11/2020)

Hey all. Wanted to get some discussion going on people who wanted to attend on Saturday. I likely won’t be able to make this day. But so far I have heard interest from @Roboto, @David, @culteejen.

Also just heard from @analog who would like to drop off some more boxes for Noisebridge.

Please reply here with your availability and I’ll help make a schedule.

I can join on Saturday evening, maybe 5-9PM.

I am flexible at NB morning 9am or 3pm afternoon

Hi - will anyone be in the space the next 2 to 3 hours?
I have some cardboard boxes to bring over for packing.

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Yes! Looks like @Roboto and @culteejen will be there in that time slot.

Will be coming in early ~8a to get going with @Rikke on sewing area and possible +1 collaborator towards 11a. If anyone wants in on the earlier side for locker clearing can co-ordinate, expect to be able to be out by Noon as needed and otherwise wrapped by 2p.