Saturday Build Out Round IV

We are coming up on our 4th successive week of build out at the space. For anyone coming tomorrow I would propose that we look at forming a few groups to collaborate more specifically in different areas of the space.

I will be looking to help greet and connect people as they arrive in the driveway, and would like to get some time in working on projects inside as well, particularly continuing to setup the electronics areas.

@lizzard did some epic work on the grill last week with the grilled cheeses, and will volunteer for some more grill time as well, any other takers on feeding the masses?

@fnord is working with the group of artists on the mural upstairs and will be coordinating the front of the upstairs which will have active video recording and consists of a group of 5 people.

Are there other specific groups and projects that want to collaborate on other specific tasks or areas tomorrow? I know @Jddurst is looking to finish the two table stacker shelf. @jermops has been looking at the RFID and general access control as well as running more ethernet cabling.

@culteejen do you have an overview of who all else is confirmed?

I would ask all other coordinators to show up before Noon to connect and open the space.

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I’ll be there around 9am actually as the chairs are being delivered some time between 9:30 and 10ish

We’ve got:

Mural crew:
Amy + 6 hoomins + 1 doggo

Buildout crew (so far):

  • TJ
  • Lizzard
  • X
  • Evil Dan
  • Carl
  • Physics Steve
  • Wolf
  • Mindfu / James
  • Maybe Pyconaut?

So a total of up to 15-16 people potentially simultaneously in the space.

It’s still early, so a couple more Noisebridgers could rsvp.
(edit: no 10A, no evening shift)

x-post from slack:

we’re missing the count of now 7 additional volunteers (not including facilitators) working on the mural upstairs during the build out as well. I’m brainstorming a bit with @df on how to excellently balance this, and they are working on a conditional basis that they’ll expand the coordination from the mural corner to all of upstairs to manage safety and comfort of all. @df (fnord on discuss) is very much looking for a co-facilitor (or two) for upstairs, I’ll volunteer if needed, would rather stay focused on driveway and downstairs.

P.S. 10A is otherwise occupied and will not be available to facilitate on-site

I can help facilitate upstairs if needed, I think they’ve been doing alright doing their own thing, but I can offer help if they want it.

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thanks @cthulhueejen - I will be looking to coordinate with people interested in working more on the upstairs art area and the sewing room, as well as facilitating copacetic access via the back staris for the other areas upstairs (music and electronics room. break area, bathroom). Would you be able to check if any knowledgeable volunteers - preferably already experienced working with me (for example Sophia and Silvia) might be interested and available to commit to helping with some of that?