Saturday April 13: Girl Scouts will be doing a Sewing project

WHO: Troop 62752 (Mission’s own)

WHAT: Girl Scout Project

WHERE: Hacker Space (Sewing area maybe a table near)

WHEN: April 13, 2019

WHY: We have no other space and we have been here before on various Saturdays to further their education of Science and Art.

I would in the future like to make this a regular area for our troop to learn about the different projects going on I would invite you to message me and we can discuss.

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Sounds good, feel free to do so. There is a calendar that everyone shares but I am not sure where it is anymore. Hopefully that way you know if other events are scheduled and which rooms are available.

You can reserve the part that works best for you every week ongoing for your time slot for as long as you need it, provided it is not already in use. For example there is/was some event in the hackatorium once a month on Saturdays called GodWaffle NoisePancakes that might be a little too noisy for meetings, depending on your group.

Usually events need to be open to the public, in your case I think it is fine to make it open to the public only in the appropriate age group, so if kids in that age range from outside the group want to participate, they should be included.

Awesome and welcome! I think it’s a great idea to meet at Noisebridge!
I don’t think it’s essential to include other non-troop members in the event, but is important to generally share the space with others, as I’m sure you will.
Remember to leave it cleaner than you found it - we have been fighting a lot of entropy in the sewing area recently.
If you have any questions about the sewing area, the facilities, throwing events here, I volunteer to be a point of contact to ask them too. Just send me a message on here :slight_smile:

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