Saturday 3pm Driveway Meeting

Hello all last week we had a solid group of people in the driveway, more than we have had virtually or physically at the space anytime, ever. So after discussing this last week we wanted to plan a time for it this weekend. I saw this was brought up and some misinformation was generated at the last Tuesday Meeting.

For clarification, there was not any kind of official meeting held last week, the idea of one was discussed with the specific expectation it would be brought up at our regular meeting, and done in addition to our regular on going Tuesday General Meeting. There isn’t any expectation things like Big ‘C’ Consensus would get done on Saturday, however it would be a great time to propose ideas and discuss them to then be continued at our regular Tuesday meetings.

While we have had quite a full house we are still working to facilitate all volunteers be vax confirmed and to be in touch with a facilitator prior to showing up on Saturday. There has been some additional drop ins that have been fairly well managed as it comes up. For the 3pm meeting I would propose that depending upon current capacity we can accommodate some additional people so long as they respect social distancing and make use of the outdoor space available.

If you are planning or interested in coming for the Build Out or Meeting please be sure to be in touch with either @culteejen or myself prior to arriving at the space. We will make accommodations for remote ad-hoc drop in virtually during the day and especially for the 3pm meeting on our usual jitsi