Restorative Communication Workshop by GKI

This Thursday we will welcome back Ryan McCarthy from the Global Kindness Initiative for an interactive community-building workshop.

Restorative Communication practices can help groups of individuals become a true community by identifying core values we all share as well as providing a toolkit of compassionate accountability practices.

Noisebridge has been integrating Restorative Communication into our general community health-tending strategy as a way of finding agreements well before conflicts become problems that need to be mediated.

This event will be held in the Hackitorium and make use of the projector.

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Bump for visibility and for fair warning – this event will displace some of the hackitorium tables.

We really need to film and redistribute this sort of workshop. Even better, a workshop for conflict that has already happened and never resolved. The only reason most at the space are not aware is because they did not stick around afterwards.

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