Restaurants and bars are in crisis but eating food can help

To all my food loving friends I want to remind you that during this epidemic many of our favorite bars and restaurants are being closed and some won’t reopen. Please support your local restaurants that switched to take out only.

List of SF take out places

List of east bay take out places

Peninsula places

Also this is not going to help everyone.

I recently found out a really good Italian restaurant in the mission (LOCANDA) is shut down for good. And a few great places are shutting down for good each week.

The restaurant and bar “true death” list (goes back to may of last year, but has a special notes for recent closures)

Some have found a bit of hope in starting GoFundMe campaigns.

One I want to highlight is this-

One of SF’s best bars (and one of the best bars in the world (worlds best cocktail menu in 2017 and 2019), Trick Dog bar, and its associated Bon Voyage bar, had to lay off it’s entire staff to keep from going underwater during this epidemic, but they want to raise funds to support their layed off staff.

If you enjoy the bay area cocktail scene I highly recommend donating to their gofundme. Not just to keep the bar going, but also because of a special aspect of how this bar runs.

They sell their menus and all proceeds from the menu sales go directly to supporting local SF nonprofits.

A few of the non profits they have supported.
Precita Eyes, Creativity Explored, The Bon Vivants Scholarship, San Francisco Rock Project, La Cocina, McSweeney’s, SOMArts, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Northern California Family Dog Rescue, and a lot more.

Or if you want some seriously good whiskey from their bottle collection, you can join their bottle club. (Its a 1000 dollar fixed price (though also these bottles are all single barrel, and really really good).

I believe they are a bar that should stick around. Please think about supporting the food and drink culture that keeps the bay so special.

If you know of any other restaurants or bars that you think people should support, add them to a thread on this post.


Sad thing is, a lot of these closures had nothing to do with COVID-19 and could’ve been avoided with more reasonable landlords. Hopefully the Bay Area will learn its lesson when it realizes that there are no local businesses and working class people left to keep it an attractive place. You can’t just ride on the nice weather alone. Heck, that’ll be gone soon too. :confused:

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Here is a pretty up to date list of to go cocktails around the bay

Support your local businesses, but also Drink responsibly.