Resident Electronic Monthly open mic at Noisebridge?

Colleen and I, Franck, came to the member meeting on 03/22.

We co-organize Resident Electronic Monthly which is a free open-mic with online signup. It is on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

The event has been running for the last 5 years or so with different co-organizers. We used to do it at The Laundry on 26th Street and during the Pandemic we moved it to be online. We would like to go back to in-person and it would be awesome if we could do it at Noisebridge.

Performers come at 7pm to setup and we have usually 6 performers with up to 20mn sets each. They need to perform their own electronic music. The show starts at 8pm and we usually wrap up by 10:30pm. We livestream all events.

We have all the sound equipment needed, we would maybe need some tables for performers to setup.

We used to have about 20-30 people attending.

You can find all the shows on this playlist:

The next show is advertised on bayimproviser calendar.

I hope we could do this show or the show after at Noisebridge.


Hello!! This is Colleen (I collaborate w/ Franck on this event). We’d like our first event at Noisebridge to be in May on Tuesday May 10th! I hope this can work out! We’d like to have lots of time to promote the event and make sure everything is good to go. :slight_smile:

Is it OK if we update this page Category:Events - Noisebridge to list the event for May?

Thanks again for being so welcoming at the meeting we attended!



Hey, yeah you should absolutely put it on the wiki.

Stoked you decided to use Noisebridge for this event! (I met y’all a week or so ago in the upstairs lounge area.)

There will probably be plenty of people around to help with setup when it comes time for the event, but if not I can commit to help out.

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Hi @fineline , Thanks for offering to help. If we do it downstairs like 5MoF do, this should be easy and fast to setup. On another note, I have been trying to edit the events page but it is locked for editing (at least for me). And I’m not sure if I need to post an event on meetup and here too?

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This is so cool, I can see where it’s started!

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