RErack (help us build out our new network infrastructure)

help us build a great way to access the internet. This post is a wiki, which users @trust_level_1 or higher may edit.

edit: Moved to #guilds:rack for visibility

This is already being discussed on #guilds:rack in two other threads, plus on Slack #rack channel. Locking here to avoid confusion.

Setting a meeting time for a Rack guild meeting. Please let us know if you wish to join.

272 Capp Rack Planning – help needed

Top post has been converted into a wiki so users can keep it updated, but do assist us in the threads with meeting and planning!

Thank you, though please keep those threads updated so that I can repost stuff into this channel to keep other moving groups informed. As Rack will need to corrdinate with other moving groups that stuff can be planned in this channel.