Require showing vaccination cards [Consensus Item]

Please spread the word to any Noisebridge members you know!

“Explicitly require showing vaccination cards prior to entry to Noisebridge (until further notice)."

Submitted 8/31, and will be discussed next Tuesday 9/14 at the 7pm meeting. You are encouraged to attend or share your thoughts! Please note only members may block this item.

Continuing the discussion from Meeting Notes 9/7/2021:

Would someone please share this to our Discuss Mailing List and social media. Or, directly with any members not yet part of the meeting discussions. Thank you!

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Other potential items:

  • add an item to allow unvaccinated people with restrictions.
  • have a consensus on mask policy?
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Why was this blocked?
Can we please add the reasons used for blocking to the consensus item page? This has been requested previously.

Also, from 8/24:
“If people are unvaccinated they must not be let inside without very good reason. It is unexcellent to ask for vaccine cards unless there is a strong reason.”

How can you decide on letting people inside based on vaccine status, if you cant ask for proof of that status? This makes no sense.

Props to @fnord for fighting this uphill battle. Its heartbreaking to see NB members blocking important safety items like this at NB during a deadly pandemic.

Also, as a member of the community who has previously fought for Covid safety, I heard nothing about this item. How are people “spreading the word to members” these days? Obviously, Ive not been super active lately but curious to know what efforts are made for important safety items to get the word out.


You can look at the meeting notes for the past 4 weeks (especially the one on 9/14 where we discussed this for quite some time among many people), but we came to this consensus bacause anonymity and trust has always been a core component of Noisebridge. If we require ID for everyone coming in, then the space will know the legal name of everyone coming in, which means no one is anonymous.

Given the wide variety of opinions of Noisebridgers on this subject, it would be impossible to propose something everyone agrees with. Tbh I think the final consensus was a good middle road between ensuring everyone’s safety and keeping Nosiebridge’s core values, as I don’t believe people are likely to lie to get in somewhere they’ve never been.

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Also, it was the case that there were Members that simply blocked proposals that involved us officially verifying vaccine status (ie by either asking to show their cards or using the CA vaccination verification app). There was no way we could pass a proposal with that in it.

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ah, that makes sense. Maybe people could cover the name and such though? I see where it makes it tricky though…hrmm.

Again, +1 for adding reasons for a block to the consensus page. Digging through pages of meeting notes is a tall order for this and it would help everyone I think.