Requesting a dedicated Windows machine for the vinyl cutter to teach classes

I recently secured an exceedingly generous donation of a professional plotter software suite for Noisebridge’s vinyl cutter. Yay!

Unfortunately it requires a valid Windows license to install, but the important thing is that it works and works well - and I’ll teach y’all how to vinyl cut & heat press if you’ll help me secure a dedicated machine.

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There appears to be a computer in the former location of Threed that has Windows and doesn’t appear to be in use for anything else that may suffice.

Threed was just moved to a table by the fire escape not set up or anything while a bunch of effort went into setting up a xp machine I don’t think helps anyone. I was upset by that.

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What is the name of the software?

Apologies! I moved Threed to be with the 3D printers but didn’t have a chance to set it up again before I had to leave. The current xp computer is not viable, which is why I’m reaching out to the community to help set up a dedicated Windows machine so we can have vinyl cutting and heat press classes.

Many hands make light work. I’m asking for help where I’ve reached a roadblock.

Would Threed be an option to dual boot? I have a Windows 10 license if an excellent hacker would be willing to install it on a separate partition.

VinylMaster Xpt

I use it for work and am thoroughly impressed by how easy it is to learn and quickly churn out a custom designed tshirt, bag, stickers, etc. When I reached out to the company about a license for hackerspaces, they eagerly provided their top product.

It supports a ton of filetypes like eps, dxf, svg, gif, png, pdf, jpg, tiff, ps, ai so using the files you already have is straightforward.

As much as I love FOSS like Inkscape, @tymeart and I spent a ton of time troubleshooting the InkCut 2.0 plugin on Threed using the vinyl cutter wiki page and found it to behave unexpectedly and inconsistently, if at all.

A significant aspect of a hackerspace is that it has working tools and equipment, so it’s important to me that we support what we have by ensuring it works. I didn’t even know we had a vinyl cutter until recently because it’d been tucked away unused for so long.