Request To Become An `Event Organizer` In Noisebridge's Meetup

If you need to become an Event Organizer in Noisebridge’s Meetup, please put your request here! ^____^

(This is basically the version of the #events-support channel from Slack.)

Please note that it’s very important to not send your request of becoming an event organizer in the Meetup to individuals, and do not address the requests to specific individuals, but to post it here where a lot of people can help because more people can see it. Please address it to the Events Support Guild as a whole.

Individual people might be on vacation or ill or away where they don’t have internet access. So they might not be able to get to your request right away.

3 pieces of information are important:

  1. The link to the meeting notes where you announced your Meetup idea. (Optional, but nice to have. If this is not immediately available, it’s ok to edit your post and add it later.)
  2. Please state what Meetup you want to create,
  3. And please give a link to your meetup profile of Noisebridge. Here’s an example of the link: (Please take note that it has noisebrige in the URL. This is important, because in meetup the usernames could be different in different groups.)
    • (Please make sure that the link is visible, and it it doesn’t turn into a box, because if formats the link turns into a box, then the link just redirects to the main Meetup page of Noisebridge, and not to your individual profile.)
    • This part is important, because your Meetup account cannot be granted additional permissions your account if we don’t know what it is.
    • If you’re not part of NB’s Meetup yet, please create a profile in NB’s Meetup. Then send that link here.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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yes please! :blush:

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Oh, I found it! ^_^

I can’t believe that you’re not an event organizer, since you’ve been with Noisebridge since the beginning!! D: I have rectified this situation!

Is this for the Restorative Communication event that you were telling me about? Thanks for organizing it! ^__^

Yes-And. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bernice ,

I’m interested in facilitating and organizing a weekly front-end meetup at Noisebridge (Thinking Wednesday evening). I talked with Jay and he said I should post in this group about it.

My meetup profile is:

Let me know if there’s anything specific to make this happen ie. attend a meeting, talk with a specific person, etc.


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Sorry, it won’t let me post my meetup profile:

www dot meetup dot com/noisebridge/members/184109417/profile/

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