Reporter asks if we've inquired about renting 344 14th

(Ruth Grace Wong) #1

I got this email at the alias. Does anyone know and want to be connected with the reporter? I’ve redacted their contact info. Send me your email if you’d like to be connected to them.


I’m a reporter for the SF Examiner and was told that Noise Bridge has considered renting PDR space at 344 14th St. (a proposed development that is going through the city’s approval process currently).

Has Noisebridge inquired about renting at this site? Please get in touch at (redacted).

Thank you,

(nicole) #2

This might be worth exploring, especially because it’s a property the city has its eyes on and Noisebridge needs some visibility in the press for our new space fundraising anyway.

Would love to hear an update if someone follows up.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #3

David volunteered :slight_smile:

I think the reporter is specifically asking us if we’ve inquired about renting there and wanting to know about our experience, and probably not interested in talking to us if we haven’t yet.

(Mark Willson) #4

Just saw the Examiner’s article about the space today. Sounds like we wouldnt get along with the guy building out that property. He appears to be just trying to make a buck and meeting the bare minimum in affordable housing requirements. …maybe we should negotiate with him. “Hey maybe we will grace your development with our presence if you up the number of affordable units”! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ruth Grace Wong) #5

I feel like more housing is good housing. I don’t think we should disparage developers. The development has to be profitable for anyone to want to do it. Notably from the article:

Founder Marc Roth, who is formerly homeless, said he aims to train up to 120 people annually in areas such as 3D printing, laser cutting, metal shop work and web design basics.

I completely disagree with the following quote. These skills are not for manufacturing, they’re for prototyping and design, which is much more profitable than blue collar manufacturing for those that are trained:

“[Roth] will train homeless people, but he’s training them in computer driven manufacturing. There are no humans involved other than the people that run the software and pack up the parts,” said the representative. “They won’t stay within in the community and they won’t give back to the community because it’s too expensive to do that kind of manufacturing here.”

It sounds like he is looking for more hardware startup type people who can pay more rent, like the startups at the bottom of Potrero hill (where juicero used to be):

“I think the people that will be renting our [PDR spaces] can afford more than we are charging,” said Roth.

BUT we have a literal decade of experience training people to do exactly what he’s trying to do and we should definitely look into a collaboration.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #6

Oh, here’s the article link:

(Ruth Grace Wong) #7

I’m going to ask the reporter to introduce us to Roth :slight_smile:

Update: just sent her an email. Will keep y’all posted.

(Mark Willson) #8

Good point about “we don’t want to be disparaging developers”. I just mean that we need to push them as much as we can in the right direction. I know they have to make money, but surely you can still be well off whilst making significantly less than 82% of your units above market-rate?

(Ruth Grace Wong) #9

Maybe I’m over optimistic but I feel like someone who used to be homeless would probably already be doing their best on that front!

(Mark Willson) #10

The formerly homeless guy is just a guy who is a maker advocate working with the developer. The developer, Manouche, is not formerly homeless(as far as I am aware). So it is great they are working together, but it just seems that the Learning Shelter (formerly homeless guy’ s group) has no say in the development’s afforability distribution. I’d love to talk to that group to gain some insight into their collaboration and how they believe this development is going to help the neighborhood.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #11

Ah, I see. Anyways I emailed the formerly homeless person (Marc Roth) with @David.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #12

I just called Marc and it turns out they’ve called off the development. He’s thinking about finding a space in San Diego to run his program instead but he’s also interested in finding space in San Francisco. I’m going to send him an email and CC David so that we can keep him up-to-date if we end up renting or buying a space with extra capacity. He also said that he would be happy to share about our fundraising efforts on The Learning Shelter social media. :slight_smile: