Reply by email, posting by email, sending emails to people: an update

postfix should be sending emails to addresses now. Turns out it wasn’t SPF, but that the server has no ipv6 routes.

At any rate, we’d want to setup SPF and DKIM records in DNS to guarantee it’ll get through to most Noisebridgers, and its good e-mail hygene.

As @James mentioned elsewhere, Discourse supports reply-by-email and posting-by-email. Configuring these features requires that we add to the MX record for

I’ve configured postfix to route mails sent to addresses into the mail-receiver container listening on which then sends them here into Discourse.

If someone with DNS access can set up that MX record, then I can work on enabling these features.

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All this broke sending emails at all, so I turned it off. Needs more work to configure the relay settings in unicorn’s postfix. It needs to route anything to into the smtpd that lives inside the mail-receiver container, but configuring email is literally the hardest problem in computer science.

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Got this trying to reply by email. Apparently a loop?


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Looks about right. The postfix setup is incomplete, so please do have a poke at it. I probably rambled about what needs fixed in slack somewhere…somewhen. Sorry! :blush: