Replace the current Noisebridge website with the new redesign

Over the last weeks, I worked with the feedback of many at Noisebridge on a new website (which is also an open-source template other hackerspaces can use and adapt to their needs). Version 1 with all the key features is ready and can be forked/downloaded from my repo -

I created a video that shows nearly all the different parts of the website and talks about what I plan to add over the next 2-3 weeks:

A summary + some things I forgot to mention:

  • the website includes the landingpage, our values/about page, projects from discuss, spaces, machines and guildes (please help to fill the database), meeting notes (including all the meeting notes from our wiki), consensus items from discuss, details on how to donate - and a search that searches in our website database, our wiki and discuss all at the same time
  • the website is based on Django + JavaScript, CSS, Html. No React, no jquery - and split up and organized into easy to edit Django template components.
  • Tinnei created wonderful drawings as default backgrounds for the different event types (for gaming, music, and classes)
  • I showed the dark mode in the video, but the default mode is bright:
  • I created a file to make it super easy to change all the most important details:
  • every HTML template can be easily changed (or better said: changes can be easily suggested) by scrolling down and following the direct link to the repo (in the current example it’s my repo - which would be replaced with our infrastructure repo)
  • there is a presentation mode for new meetings - (for the person sharing the screen to the beamer and keeping the current conversation in view on the screen). Which includes also an overview of the currently discussed topic, how long the current meeting is already going on, an “End meeting” button to automatically save the meeting notes into the database and extract all keywords with a hashtag at the beginning…
  • oh and, if the website is opened on the computer at the entrance, Marry would also inform about upcoming events - and letting people know if the meeting is going on for a bit long :smiley: (I would need a minute of someone in the space to set it up)
  • what is missing (and I will add it over the next weeks): being able to create events via the website, a photo section & video section and the libraries for our books and games, integrated on our website

Please discuss it online and at the weekly meeting tonight - and if people consent to this becoming our new website - let me know who I should get in contact with to deploy the website :slight_smile:

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Would the plan be to have this replace the wiki? I think that the simplicity editing a page on a wiki style site means that there is a lot lower bar to entry when compared to cloning a repo, editing, and making a pull request, making it easier for people without a coding background to contribute. Even for myself, being able to quickly update a page in browser means I’m way more likely to make minor fixes/updates to a page I’m looking at.

I think this would be good as a replacement for the current front page, but I think it would still make sense to keep the wiki to allow a broader range of people to contribute.

it’s a replacement for our current landingpage, in addition to our wiki. But if we like to we could also integrate a wiki feature into the website as well.

I think the current wiki has outlived its usefulness. There’s some good stuff in there, but it’s surrounded by lots of unuseful stuff, and no one can really tell the difference without hours of contextual study.

I’ve been saying for a while it would be awesome to just move everything currently in the wiki to /old/*.

I agree with @Chaz that having a wiki is a wonderful thing in general. It’s just, we have SO much cruft, i think it makes sense to rebuild our active knowledge base from scratch.

It’s the difference between going in and pulling weeds (finding the cruft) versus collecting the good seeds from the flowers we like, plowing it all under, and replanting the flowers. I think this garden has been well overgrown for a long time, and pulling up the weeds is going to take way longer than starting the garden over.

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Yeah agree. Question is - how should that look like? Continue using media wiki but archiving first everything? And how can we exclude those old articles from the search or highlight them as “archive/history”?

Hi @nthmost,

Has control of been passed to the account controlled by the treasurer? @marco is curious about it.