Repairing Connex 350 (Repair log and info)

Hey NBers,
It came to my attention at the last Tuesday meeting that the Connex 350 3D printer is not currently in a working state.

Given my success with many repairs of NB equipment over the years, including the Othermill and a recent complete repair of a destroyed Robo 3D beta, it seems I may be the most capable of bringing this beauty back to a functioning state.

Currently coordinating with @culteejen but I’d love to hear from @pyconaut and any others as to the history of the machine and what kind of TLC it needs. Also dimensions of the beast would be most helpful.

Let me know what people think and if anyone wants to help out :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I can help with repair, but happy with logistics!

Hi @Zach, we chatted for a sec in the meeting. I believe @pyconaut diagnosed it and came to the conclusion that the thermistor on one of the print heads is the issue. I’m glad to help out with the effort but that might be somewhat sporadic

Thanks! Just waiting to hear back from @pyconaut before moving forward on this. Hoping hell be at the meeting tonight.