Repair communications

One thing that I would like people to start thinking about is how we can improve communication around tool/equipment repair and service/hack history. one part where we are weak, is spreading the information about things that could use some repair, if there was some ways that we could flag something that needs repair, or start a “needs fix” pile somewhere. As it stand now, I think some things lay around broken for a while and then eventually get thrown out… I think it would also be cool if we could keep a log of customizations, hacks, and prior work done on things, like it would be nice if people put a log saying “symptoms were … root cause was …”…

One specific idea would be to just have a WIKI page for each thing, and have a QR code on each thing pointing to the wiki page… but that kinda seems like a lot of work that I’m probably too lazy to do… but maybe other’s have better ideas? if we did do the wiki thing maybe we could have a tag or something that people could search for that would indicate that something needs repair…

Also, pre-covid I tried to get people involved in making a repair guild, but as with the problem with most guilds, it was hard to get people interested in participating, its like one of those things that people think is a good idea, but no one wants to do it… but maybe we can piggy back on the electronics classes or something, there is a lot of learning involved in fixing stuff, I’m surprised that more people wouldn’t be interested in using that as an opportunity to gain skills… maybe people have ideas on how to generate participation and knowledge sharing…


This sounds like a job for THE WIKI

I had this suggestion a while back.
So on the wiki you can set up a little bit of JS to generate an individual QR code per wiki page.

Then you create a wiki page for each tool. Print out the QR code. And tape it to the tool.

A wiki is a great place to keep track of these type things, but people always forget it exists / can’t find what they’re looking for.

BUT if every tool has an obvious QR code on it. Then it’s super easy to scan and see instructions / update log.

If the wiki is insufficient for this (not user friendly, hard to update), then we could spin up a pretty basic webpage that lets you upload pics / leave comments.

I clearly skimmed your first post and missed the entire middle paragraph.

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^ Here is some useful looking javascript code. Seems someone also has this idea for Discourse.

I think some people suggested running an iFixIt clinic at noisebridge, and maybe this could be a way to support a more proactive approach to repair? (I for one was looking forward for noisebridge to reopen because I want to fix an air purifier and don’t have the tools at home!)

On the topic, I’ve been discussing with @sophia_wisdom regarding repairs to sewing machines and there were two marked as scrap material that are actually functional, just missed a piece each. Maintaining expertise to fix all these different machines is hard :man_shrugging:

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@malacylps has started messing with the QR code system and label printer to more or less do that I think! So if you generate a label , then slap it on the object, and scan it, it would create a wiki page (or some sort of entry somewhere) for it that would be editable for updates.

For now though we could try using github issues at least for some major stuff that needs repair (but I hope not like, every tool in the space)