Remote Inclusion at NB, can we please make it happen?

Hey NBers,
at the risk of sounding like a broken record, Im asking again for options to be included in the community I miss.

With the new omicon Covid strain being discovered this week (having more than double the mutations of Delta variant), myself and I believe other at-risk groups, would love more virtual attendance options right now.

Really, this benefits everyone though, regardless of Covid.

I posted this after no remote option for attending the (usually awesome) Thanksgiving event:

sigh…it keeps happening like this. For years, access to Noisebridge continues to be
“better luck next time."

I tried to pass consensus last year (Consensus Items History - Noisebridge) for a disability coordinator to help with stuff like this (who do you ping?) and a commitment to virtual classes and events.
it was blocked. :confused: and I continue to be the bad guy for bringing stuff like this up at meetings and being a “downer”.

It’s not how I want to spend my time. and it’s really NB’s loss, as myself and other disabled people have much to offer the community.

If @James or @gaardn or @Rikke or @pyconaut have any ideas, -or anyone else- that would be cool

  • In addition to not being able to attend Thanksgiving:

  • Theres also a chess club / night Id like to take part in, Ive played chess for years and would love to play with folks. Hoping for a response to my request to join remotely.

  • the recent Blender classes I couldnt take part in, although it sounds like there was other stuff going on (but my original request was unresponded to for weeks).

The barriers to access continue to be very high, without a clear point-person to contact, and all the work for inclusion being put on me and other remote attendees, rather than shared mutual aid from NB as a whole.

What can we do? NB has the tech, has the cameras and the infrustructure for remote events and remote learning. We just need people who care.

I can donate laptops or a webcam or whatever else might be needed.
Can we please-

  • designate a clear contact person for access to events and classes
  • prioritize safe access 4 all to NBs public classes and events
  • discuss this topic and these requests, please dont ignore them

This will only help NB be safer, grow with a larger audience, and increase donations as more people can take part. Please, lets make this happen.

editing note: site admin (James?) please, asking here that you dont remove, edit, re-categorize, or censor this post without my consent. This is an important community discussion topic.

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You’re absolutely right that we’re nearly able to provide remote options and that the barrier right now is people willing to set up access.

Can we brainstorm some ideas, plan them out, and aim to have them built and functioning by New Years? Is that too ambitious?

Hacker Dojo had a neat tall camera & tablet (showing video stream of operator’s face, you know, like in real life) on remotely steerable wheels solution we could implement.

Would Gamebridge be interested in building remote infrastructure? @lxpk @pyconaut @Mark

I don’t think there is any infrastructure needed to be built (other than the already planned/in-progress hardening of the Jitsi server stuff), we have a system, and getting it going takes less than 30 seconds, and the instructions are printed on the system… all we really need is someone to do it…

Within recent memory, we have had issues with someone remotely setting up webcams and recording/or accessing them remotely without getting consent of people in the space or even telling anyone as far as I can tell… So some of us (including me a bit) are a bit hyper sensitive to webcams being plugged in all the time, but for the Telebridge system (assuming no one has hacked it), literally all you have to do is plug in the webcam, and open the browser… the home page is the correct one for broadcasting to the hackitorium jitsi page…

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IMHO, this doesn’t seem like a consensus item… if you want this to happen, then just do it… find someone willing and tell everyone they are the person… If you can’t find anyone willing, then I sympathize, it has been really hard finding people to volunteer to do things, everyone is busy :frowning:


That was why the consensus didn’t pass: because it was supposed to be a small c consensus.
@Zach ping me for any event you want to attend without remote options. As Woz said, we do have a downstairs AV setup for remote. We could use one upstairs, though, since the classes sometimes end up there. Unfortunately, remembering the remote option will need to be a practice we have to get in the habit of doing


In terms of Chess I think we can make a Noisebridge Team on LiChess?

This is my profile:

Zach, want to start a thread to get everyone’s LiChess profile?

It might be fun if people from NB entered some of the LiChess tournaments and donated any winnings to NB. :smiley:

The whole point to making it “big C” was so that these repeat problems didnt happen. Why shoud disabled people have to do all the work to be included? Basic daily tasks are hard for us, and the burden of this keeps falling on our shoulders.

The general behavior seems to be “ignore access requests until it gets embarassing enough to maybe do something.” It’s simply never made a priority.

Without “big C” we have no guidelines for inclusion, aside from the legal requirements of ADA which arent being followed. but we’re “an anarchist space” which means, ideally, we go beyond government required minimums. Although Ive never seen that happen.

Is the new mystery acces rule that I @ ping people? I replied to the Chess class thread twice already for access, but no one ever replied. So now I guess I ping @culteejen ?

I saw your post in the other thead, @gaardn thanks. Im not asking for anything fancy, just a laptop wih jitsi so myself and others can attend things. Ill donate the laptop and the web camera.

I’m just exhausted by this, it shouldn’t be so hard to be included. When it is, it gives a clear message that certain people just aren’t welcome at Noisebridge. Which sucks, and I know is not the intention when NB was founded.

@Paul_H I want to play chess with people, live in the space, during events. not on an app. Although nothing but support for the idea of sharing ratings if ppl want.

So whats the next step here? Is there a laptop there or who do I give mine to? I want to find a solution

We have a working AV station downstairs with a Webcam that we have been using for meetings. We just weren’t using it for other things, and during the Thanksgiving thing that started this did not turn it on. I’m sure someone would have done so, it’s not hard to do.
I made the mistake of not allocating a desktop for upstairs use (there’s a microphone and projector there for use). But the supplies are all there, it should be straightforward.

We have made some headway on getting which events are remote streamable clarified as we said we would.

@Zach I added the streaming notice template and streaming instructions on the how-to page:
We have a github task to get every event’s streaming confirmed and indicated and I think we can do more to make remote work better like handling feedback from the live stream which we ran into last night when we streamed a live in-space talk for the AI and gamebridge meetups. There are definitely skills we need to teach our event organizers around streaming to be successful at it. There are a myriad of AV and logistical things that can go wrong even when you do remember to try to do it.

Having dedicated Telebridge boxes in classrooms with monitors and streaming buttons and indicators like we have in the hackitorium will help a lot too.

@gaardn Maybe you had a virtual / physical bridging metaverse kind of thing in mind? Gamebridge has been building Simbridge and the VRChat version is a comms channel people can meet in now. It is currently a model of the old space and that will soon have a mirror model of the new space that can be rearranged and used for collab with virtual projectors, whiteboarding, etc.

We want to get a mirror set up so people in VR can interact with people in the VR area of the space. We’ll be testing it out at future Gamebridges to make it easier and more useful to others. The first general Noisebridger application it can be handy for is planning layouts for the new space as we can make all the furniture moveable and save presets of locations in a version history.


Yeah Telepresence robot would be really cool. We could make that a goal for a robotics project if we have a good kit or design in mind. Otherwise they are commercially available and we could get one.

A telepresence robot sounds great, creepy and hilarious. It should have hair and clothing to help it blend in with the people. The robo speaker volume should also be really loud so the robot could be more scary.

I’ve never been really good at being part of the Noisebridge community including before Covid but in the remote time I’ve found a fun project that seemed to be good for Noisebridge called Workadventure. I tested setting it up another instance before and then stopped but have since put a new test up at At the moment it’s really only a configed version of Workadventure running in a Docker container on AWS. Nothing else. I’m open to working on setting up another instance on another host in a workshop if others are interested in learning about it and maintaining the project. I can say so far once live and running the uptime has been excellent but I have yet to test it under significant load.


Thanks for the replies everyone, especially all the work youre doing @lxpk !

@culteejen What are the next steps to join the chess club hangout? Can you setup remote access with zoom or jitsi and post a link here or on the chess thread so people can join remotely?

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You can join from 6-7 on Friday (which is usually when people show up). From there, you can talk with people about setting up a LiChess game.

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sure i can come by then, thanks for the info. if youre there in the space can you help get the word to people that there someone to play remotely?

It would be great to just have a camera aimed over a board,thats all im askjng I dont want to play on a chess phone app, it kinda defeats the purpose of a live event.

I can set a camera over my nice wooden set and call out moves, like chess players do (this is how live games have been played for years).

Can you help? Or help find someone else to help if its outside what you can do?

@Zach We were on today and I couldnt find your contact. Can you msg me it?

Also we are making more of an effort to loiter in Jitsi HAckitorium even if we’re semi-afk so it can get critical mass of people hanging out like Hackitorium physically. We had a bunch of people come in and out today. I think it would be cool if we had something of a mirror world streaming spot in NB that had a mic that could be default muted and have an indicator when it is live for people who want to sit in front of Telebridge and talk to folks on Jitsi.

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Thanks @Ixpk
the xmas thing seemed kinda iffy when we chatted last, so I made some other holiday plans. Looking forward to attending some stuff though, and I appreciate the updates! You can always private message me here and you have my # now too.

Is there anyone physically in the space often then can coordinate remote access regularly with setting up jitsi for classes and events? I think this is still the big gap not being filled yet.

Default mic with led indicator or even something loud and annoying like the old pony wall server sounds good to me for consent-based streaming

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Hi, sorry i haven’t read this whole thread up to now but I want to mention that at Sudoroom, i’ve set up a jitsi terminal on the wall. It’s a big TV made by Hitachi, and it has a feature where it can go into “power saving” mode when the HDMI signal is lost. That means the screen can power down when DPMS puts the monitor to “sleep”. It has a webcam that’s clearly labeled, and on a hinge so it can easily be aimed down at the floor if people are shy, and it has a Jabra USB speaker/microphone thing which should hopefully provide good speakerphone functionality. I have the computer setup to start firefox, and i have firefox set to open the jitsi page, where permissions are already enabled for webcam/audio. The only remaining need is to automatically wake the monitor from sleep (using “DISPLAY=:0 xset force dpms on”) whenever there is anyone else detected in the jitsi “room”. This feature is important so that people can see (on the screen) whenever someone is in the screen/camera/microphone with them. I have determined that a browser extension needs to be written to make this happen. Who can help me do that?