Remote CHAOS (rC3) Saturday-Wednesday!

CHAOS Returns between X-Mas and NYE! Leipzig and beyond, we’ve gone thru the window(s).

Our International hacker tribe has deep roots in Germany going back over 30 years with Chaos Communication Congress, and it’s complimentary Chaos Camp which spawned Noisebridge back in teh day.

This annual tradition falls just before the new year. To get started, most information is available on the rC3 World site. Note that a lot of pages will start with German, look for the English link or just keep scrolling.

I’m still getting up to speed on all of this, and planning on going dark thru ~Christmas, and will be back on-line as things as are kicking off. With the geo time shift, things will officially kick off sometime pre-dawn on Sunday, so I’m imagining we get up rolling Saturday (Dec. 26th) on the West Coast and re-sync programming sometime Sunday. Things will run thru Wednesday (Dec. 30th) I imagine wrapping up tele-sync by early afternoon, in time to get a bit of break and restock before DEF CON NYE partying commences.

What I’ve been able to piece together so far, tickets as always are sold out before you have time to refresh the page. Fortunately you shouldn’t need a ticket to fully engage and enjoy our official Noisebridge Hackerspace assembly.

Maschinenraum is the back-end pulling the technical logistics together and is going to be focused around a collectively built interactive 2D Mapped World and Jitsi integrations. I would love some help here in building out our own experience and world.

Create a new account here, and then e-mail (<-- ‘.io’)with your username to be added to our assembly team.

We’ve been talking about more [EXMPERIMENTAL] infrastructure to use as sandboxes and for testing, that includes more B33F for Unicorn/Discuss as well as a next cloud instance. To that I’ve just added a self hosted enterprise GitLab instance and “open” collaboration station in the cloud hackitorium

If anyone is familiar with project management and git/GitLab in particular, that would be great, as the key World Mapping tool and a lot of what CCC is building on is coming from there. Next step is probably something like cloning/forking starterkit to our own instance setup here and reading up on getting started how to, you can self register yourself on our instance…

There’s also some fresh nginx scratch space here…


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