Reimbursement Tracking

Ongoing Reimbursement Tracking

NoiseBridge provides reimbursements for community contributions! These come in two forms:

  • Discretionary Fund: 100% reimbursement for small dollar amount expenditures on the space (up to ~$100). This is to cover general repair and replacement costs (new toilet paper, coffee, replacement saw blades, etc.) If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

  • Equipment Fund: 50% reimbursement for new equipment. If you think NoiseBridge need some new equipment, NoiseBridge can cover half the cost! Ex: if a new 3D printer is $200 and you raise $100, NoiseBridge will cover the remaining $100. Make sure to get some community support for new equipment.

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Toilet paper, 10.80.

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Reimbursement to @gaardn for materials purchased for Vinyl Cutting class. $54.54.

Hi, is it possible for me to be reimbursed $29.36 via PayPal at [my full name at] for sewing area expenses? It’s for the missing needle screw for the industrial overlock machine (AKA serger) as well as 10 ballpoint needles and 10 regular needles for the overlock (we only had one left) and 10 regular needles for the Juki straight stitch DDL-227. I got twice as many needles for the overlock because it’s a double needle machine.

Reimbursed! :roll_of_toilet_paper:

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Hey @themanmaran, two questions:

  1. I don’t think I’ve been reimbursed for the above sewing machine parts. They’ve been working great and the industrial overlock and DDL-227 straight stitch machines are back in service. Let me know if there’s any issue with the reimbursement

  2. I’ve fundraised enough for the cover stitch machine (Coverstitch machine fundraising) and am buying one used – one year old with all parts – from a costume designer friend for $200 paid via Venmo. The equipment fund can reimburse $100, right?

Ruth! Sorry I missed this one. I’ll send the reimbursement for $129.36 out today.

Awesome work fundraising the new machine!

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No problem. The cover stitch machine will be delivered and paid for Friday afternoon (so you can wait 'til I have proof of payment then to reimburse me for that). Thanks Tyler!

I went ahead and sent both. I trust you on the dollar amount!

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@themanmaran here’s the cover stitch machine proof of payment


@themanmaran would you please reimburse me for the follow cleaning day expenses:

Dump Fees: $138.14
Gas for Uhaul truck: $15.69
RipStop Trash bags for NB: $58.56

TOTAL: $212.39

Here are the receipts:

My paypal account is

@rando and @hicksu - reimbursed. Thanks!

Thank you.

Hey @themanmaran, is it possible for the equipment fund to reimburse me for this hemming guide for the new cover stitch machine? I realized it didn’t have one, and i imagine nobody wants to press all their seams with the iron before coverstitching them. It cost me $63.99, so half the cost for reimbursement would be $32. If the expense is approved, you can reimburse me via PayPal at my full name at gmail dot com.

@ruthgrace I thought ironing seams was supposed to be fun!

Thank you for the contribution. Reimbursement sent!

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U-haul and shop vac: 81.89 + 53.19 = 135.08


@themanmaran sewing machine repair! Plus a cone of bonded nylon thread and pack of 10 needles for the industrial walking foot machine

Fixed: skipped stitches on overlock machine, missing thread guide and bad bobbin winder on straight stitch machine, loose belt on walking foot machine, plus a lot of adjustments

$143.33 total, $71.67 can be reimbursed to me via PayPal at my full name at Gmail dot com


$111.97 to @David for CNC replacement parts.

$76 was contributed to the NoiseBridge to purchase these parts. With 50% NB match it is $152. Less the $112 payment sent today, there is $30 left in potential NB match.

@ruthgrace payment sent. Thanks for getting everything in running order!

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