Reimbursement Tracking

Ongoing Reimbursement Tracking

NoiseBridge provides reimbursements for community contributions! These come in two forms:

  • Discretionary Fund: 100% reimbursement for small dollar amount expenditures on the space (up to ~$100). This is to cover general repair and replacement costs (new toilet paper, coffee, replacement saw blades, etc.) If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

  • Equipment Fund: 50% reimbursement for new equipment. If you think NoiseBridge need some new equipment, NoiseBridge can cover half the cost! Ex: if a new 3D printer is $200 and you raise $100, NoiseBridge will cover the remaining $100. Make sure to get some community support for new equipment.

Toilet paper, 10.80.

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Reimbursed! :roll_of_toilet_paper:

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Reimbursement to @gaardn for materials purchased for Vinyl Cutting class. $54.54.

Hi, is it possible for me to be reimbursed $29.36 via PayPal at [my full name at] for sewing area expenses? It’s for the missing needle screw for the industrial overlock machine (AKA serger) as well as 10 ballpoint needles and 10 regular needles for the overlock (we only had one left) and 10 regular needles for the Juki straight stitch DDL-227. I got twice as many needles for the overlock because it’s a double needle machine.