Regular/Semi-Regular shows/parties

After the Gala, it seems silly to me that we don’t have more regular music events/parties for noisebridgers to showcase their music. We have so many great musicians that are in need of a space and it could bring in some donations as well.

I know godwafflenoisepancakes used to have a somewhat regular thing and that was part of what got be into Noisebridge in the first place. It also went really well every time I attended.

I think this is a great idea. Personally, I’d play a small set every once in a while as I’m interested in starting to play live in relatively casual situations.

Plus, having a regular show to bring in people and donations to noisebridge sounds like a good idea.

godwafflenoisepancake was biweekly, right? I think that might be a sweet spot as far as being able to get enough performers for a show worth going across town for regularly. Any ideas for a catchy/representative name?
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Another option is to participate in MAPP (mission arts and performance project) which happens every other month. They have great outreach so we don’t have to work as hard to get people there on our own social media.

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That’s a great idea, let’s do that for sure. I’ve been a part of a few MAPP events and I’m so glad you brought it up because it wasn’t on my mind.

Mapp is every other month. Planning Meetings will be each Monday in May at 7pm, and next event will be first Saturday of June.


In my experience the best way to make events happen is to announce it. Create a meet-up for a date you want. Otherwise it just kinds of hangs in the air as a good idea that never manifests. Many times this comes up but without putting some kind of obligation on ones-self, it’s easy to not do it.


Where will this meeting be held tonight? Turing?

And can I remote in somehow perhaps? Would be easier (edit: nevermind, I’m here)

@James I realized you probably meant planning meetings put on by MAPP and not us. How do we go about becoming a part of the MAPP event?

Check their Facebook and website. Mapp sf

Most likely pathos on Harrison or artillery