Refreshing the Broadcast Fund

Meeting Notes 2018 05 29 - Noisebridge
Notes: The broadcast fund was exhausted. Great work everyone! It helped fund NGALAC, a new USB conference microphone, a new projector, coax cables, the server running this forum, A/V and lighting equipment for the 10th Anniversary Party which is still useful for other events.

Hi All, we talked about the Broadcast fund which allotted us $15,000 as split cost on purchases. This means it can be combined with our existing Noisebridge policy of refunding 50% on a space purchase to cover the entire purchase. Status of the fund was included in the weekly meeting financial report.

I’d like to bring back the Broadcast Fund. Perhaps through small c-consensus and doocracy. We could set aside a similar amount from our funds to be requested for the purpose of making it easier to broadcast from Noisebridge to the world. Happy to make this a big C if that is necessary. Earmarking some funding for improving our broadcasting abilities could be excellent!

With a little planning and purchasing we can help our new space volunteers in hosting events and classes. :+1:
Please share your thoughts on this!

Here’s Dave’s proposal [I think, it was a bit hard to hear]. Proposals/TelebridgeStation - Noisebridge
They requested technical feedback on the proposed implementation. @audiodude @Music maybe those of us who are audio people can double check this and quickly research mods or alts or thumbs up so we can improve the audio setup by next meeting.

That way, we can move on to a similar or more portable solution for classes and other streamed events to make things easier on class and event hosts by having something turn key that they’ve seen used every meeting.

This is also relevant to @accessibility folks working on getting class streaming info up on the wiki as the onus to help hosts stream can come from us helping make it easy for them to say yes and learn how to use a system that works well. It is even useful for people who can’t get upstairs to participate in a class just above them sitting downstairs while doing so.

A streaming booth for music and podcasters alike to record in was also discussed again and we should move on the meeting AV ASAP and get the class and recording/streaming booth versions figured out once we do.