Redact some info from our front page!

Just talked to Mark, the RE agent who has shown us a lot of properties and has put together some draft terms he wants to start circulating to building owners. However he feels our site (in it’s current state) would be a risk to our negotiating position. Elements like:

  • “We are being forced out”
  • “Rent is doubling and we can’t afford it”
  • “Help us keep a roof over our heads”
  • “We barely cover rent with our monthly donations”

To a potential new landlord - these are some serious red flags. Our goal is to negotiate the lowest rent on the promise of long term stability (i.e. we’ve been covering rent here for 11 years), and our site does not make us look stable.

We want to start sending out proposals as soon as possible. How do we get together and get this looking better?


I would propose deactivating the current front page and switching it back to having the wiki be the front page again.


A quick Google search links to articles stating all of the above though. Maybe re-phrasing is needed but no need to completely hide the fact that surviving in San Francisco is difficult.

Hmm ok so the wiki still says “noisebridge is facing displacement”. Should we change that to something more ambiguous like ‘Noisebridge the hacker spaceship is moving to a new space soon, and you can help’? From what I understand a major catalyst for the move was a change in zoning (aside from a 50% increase in rent to match our downstairs neighbors) .

I guess a rephrased narrative might be while we can afford our current rent and location, our current lease is ending and we would like to secure a location we can still afford for the next 3-5yrs while our long term plan to stave off inevitable displacement is to apply for grants fundraise and eventually buy a building.


I agree we need to push people to donate, but I think we have been taking the wrong tone. There is a general feeling of 'NoiseBridge is going under" and I have heard on more than one occasion “I’m just trying to enjoy NoiseBridge while it lasts”.

We need to push for donations, but our efforts so far come across as desperate and last-ditch. I think we need to rephrase the entire move as an opportunity to build something awesome, and not us being forced out of our current home.

Getting people excited is way better than getting people worried.


So we just need a PR to change this file?

Are these quotes from the website? I dont see “forced out”, “rent doubling”, or “barely covering rent” on the front page. I checked the past few commits and doesn’t seem to be there either.

I see that all on the wiki front page though.

I agree with taking them down of course. The whole purpose of making the new front page is to give a cleaner image for the outside world to see.

I submitted a PR to further clean the front page but in general it’s quite positive even to the landlord.

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“With the hard work and recurring support of many community members, our donations these past few months have been high enough to afford the new rent. We can’t thank you enough.”


This is the language of “can barely afford to make rent.”

issue raised, will get to it later if someone else doesn’t.

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