Rebooting the Whiteboarding Class


I am currently in my last class in “Graduate Algorithms” , which turns out to be a fancy version of “studynig whiteboarding algorithms” . So, I thought: a lot of people might be searching for a job right now, and I need all the practice I can get, so if I start a whiteboarding class, it’s a win-win!

I was going to start the class again on Meetup, but wanted to gauge interest among the internal community first.


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Actually, is this still active?

not sure if the class is still active (doubt) - hope we’ll hear from Bernice one of these days in any event.

I like algorithms - would be interested to see what a virtual whiteboard session might look like.

(maybe something useful along those lines ->

Hey I’m interested. I’m finally biting the bullet and doing algorithms study. Just the 4 course coursera one taught by Roughgarden for now.

Thanks for the responses! I’ll check today if the class is active on the Discord, since it should be at 4:30 today. If not, I’ll start another meetup on Wednesday (when the regular whiteboarding session was). I’ll probably do 4:30 instead of 3:00 PM.

maybe something useful along those lines

@fnord are you suggesting to use something like wemux for whiteboarding or build it? I can check it out in the meantime.

It looks like the discord is kinda dead right now. I’ll probably either create a new one or add a link in the original meetup page to meet in the Jitsi hackitorium

indeed that is what I am suggesting - I can easily set that up sometime soon (like, probably maybe even later tonight).

haha yes that will be some next-level stuff but probably beyond the immediate scope of your algorithm-focused educational endeavors. Hopefully wemux (and maybe some other simple “off the shelf” applications) will help more than distract from getting into the actual subject matter - so would be happy to start just with the simplest thing that could possibly work.

And - right now - encourage focus on the general concepts within the anticipated scope of our exploration thereof - and then maybe look at planning syllabus, exercises and online interactions etc.

I’ll be on the Jitsi hackitorium tonight a 5 PM PST!

cool - I’ll see if I can get a wemux setup dialed in before then.

Hey @fineline ! We’re meeting this Wednesday at 6 PM, if you want to join.

@culteejen can you post the code for the binary search from today?

I put it in the same link as last time:

I added the binary search code below.

The infinite array search should work now! I was confusing myself with the 1 vs 0 indexing lol.

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^ alternate (better) link: (and noisebridge/noisebridge to get past the bouncer)