Read-only mirror/archive of noisebridge-discuss/noisebridge-announce including import of old posts?

  • Yes, both of them
  • Yes, but not discuss
  • Yes, but not announce
  • Neither
  • Something else I definitely wrote as a reply down below

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It would create a new “Mailman Archive” category to hold a sub-category for each of these lists. Nobody could post there from discuss; you would need to send it using your old fashioned e-mail client, like pine or similar.

Additionally, it could be seeded using the existing history from this here import tool:

It’d let us forget about mailman, forever.

(Matt) #2

not discuss??

wait so would all list be preserved for historical reasons but only some available here?

I would prefer everything preserved. I fortell of a young, slightly boring seemingly young person, otherwise thoughtful, who shall mine these archives for a book one day.


Turns out you can’t edit your vote after you click the wrong one.

They could all be preserved, if we want. Maybe just announce and/or discuss as a pilot?


Comprehensive instructions here:

I believe it is possible to even add all of those people subscribed to the lists to discuss as regular users that get notifications and replies, instead of pseudo-fake ‘staged’ placeholder users. That raises all kinds of questions about consent, however.

(Matt) #5

from.a technical perspective, it would be best to raise an issue against the infrastructure repo to discuss with Rack.

as for.consent, send a bunch of emails over some period and have them sign up or something.


I think I will try and import the smallest list we have. I don’t know what that one is yet but maybe a proof of concept is needed to fully grasp the implications here so we can have a meaningful discussion on the repo