Raise Noise: A crypto crowdraise for noisebridge

Raise Noise: A crypto crowdraise for noisebridge

Noisebridge is a spiritual rock for hackers the world over.

But there’s a problem: Noisebridge is stuck in a pattern of fire-fighting and beholden to misaligned parties (landlord) who don’t share in its most excellent do-ocractic spirit.

We can fix this with a new tool for category better crowdfunding: the crowdraise.
Magical Internet Money can do more than buy yachts for crypto-bros. Crypto-power is people power.

People the world over know how special Noisebridge is, what it does for people, what it does for the world . . . that’s why when we ask, we receive.

Now’s the time to ask. What is the hacker’s hearts’ desire?

The goal: raise enough money to buy Noisebridge’s home of more than a decade, 2169 Mission St.

Come help us plan how to take things to the next level, give doocracy wings, and gift Noisebridge’s home to itself.


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@kinnard 2169 is not a building we want to buy even if we had the money to. There are much much better buildings in better locations for a lot less price.

We do want to buy a building in the long term, but right now most fundraising goals are to help with the move. It would take at least 6 months to buy a building if we had the money right now.

Definitely do these fundraisers but let people know that the money would not be able to be specifically set aside for buying a building at the moment.

Donations to noisebridge have no strings attached (though people can ask that the money goes to a specific project or purpose if applicable.)

Crypto is one of the best fundraising mechanism out there for a place like noisebridge and I know you understand that and will be able to host an amazing fundraiser.

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