Raid Array / Storage Needed for Noisebridge Data

Continuing the discussion from 272 Capp Network Planning:

It would be most helpful to add disk storage via colo at either Monkeybrains or iocoop. I know we have multiple colocations in iocoop already, but where do we have basic disk storage available @superqio to access via sftp / webdav? Do we already have something available? If not, it would be nice to have a designated data storage / backup server location we can use for saving items uploaded to this forum and our other web services.

Improving our backups is a good idea. I’ve used Restic to do backups on a few things, it works pretty well and there is a decent Ansible role for deploying it.

We could get a Backblaze account and upload the backups there. Another option, we could deploy Minio to provide the backup storage API.

We are running Minio on Unicorn via Podman.