Rack Guild Meeting/Office Hours

I was thinking about how to improve the coordination and work for the Rack Guild. I think it would be good to have some regularly scheduled face time.

What do people think about having a regular video call?

Some ideas:

  • Monthly cadence.
  • Morning (09:30 ±30min) US/Pacific time so we can have overlap with Europe (Me and @marco)
  • Short 30min time slot, don’t need to eat a ton of time.
  • Mondays or Tuesdays might be a good option.

@SuperQ @marco 9:30am isn’t very hacker-friendly! Could you guys start later? Alternatively: would late in SF/morning in Europe work for you two?

I normally wake up by 7:00 AM PST.

  • 2020-05-24T06:30:00Z
  • 2020-05-24T16:30:00Z
  • 2020-05-25T06:30:00Z

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- option one
- option two

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See details.

I can reliably make most times on the weekend and weekdays before 8:30 SF time.

Normally 8:30 PDT for me is a taken slot on weekdays. But it looks like my usual meeting got canceled.

Okay, we should try this agin…

What do we want to chat about? Since it hasn’t happened yet, let’s brainstorm what we want to discuss. I’ll turn this into a wiki post so all of you can edit it into an itinerary.


  • SuperQ is using Caddy while Unicorn maintainers all use Nginx.

    • James sees no specific reason to switch away from Nginx as it works just fine and example files are basically included with every service out there. Caddy offers a terse set of definitions, but far fewer examples in the wild and no overall benefit requiring existing admins switch over – as described in this podcast.
  • Question for @SuperQ - Are we using 4 or 5 VPS instances on iocoop simply because they are not using containers? Curious to learn more.

    • fyi, Docker (containers) and Ansible (automation) can work together just fine.
  • @Mindfu on Slack still controls noisebridge.info so we certainly want that domain transferred from Namecheap to Gandi. @James has been working on it.

  • Members list on Github

    • Needs to be updated!
    • Who has ultimate control over pull requests on github?

Meeting Times

  • James can never meeting on standard weekdays Monday - Thursday unless it is around 8pm PST. Ideally would be on a weekend or Friday.

After dinner hours, say 11:30 PDT / 20:30 CEST ± 30 would work for me.