Question re: meetings & Slack

Hi, folks:

Is there a weekly members (small “m”) meeting?

When is the next board meeting?

Can someone invite me to the Slack group?

Thanks much.


There is a weekly meeting every Tuesday at 8pm!

It is for (m/M)embers, so everyone is invited. This is where we discuss all sorts of important (and sometimes not important) things about NoiseBridge.

Our last Board meeting was last Tuesday, and the one before was probably a year ago. The board at noisebridge is not responsible for a whole lot. All important decisions go through a community consensus process. The board is just there to sign off on legal matters.

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I mentioned it because the board meeting notes mentioned a distinction between “capital m Members” vs. “members without capital m”. And as I’d like to be more involved, but didn’t want to crash any parties, I wanted to know if there were meeting that included the general community.


The convention is that everyone who comes into NoiseBridge is a member. But there is a distinction between member of the community and and a full Member. This difference is primarily in how much involvement is expected of that person, and the ability to take part in the consensus process.




What is a lower case m member?