Pyspacelib - python lib to interact with nb space

r started a python library called pyspacelib to interact with various protocols in the space, like Flaschen-Taschen and the dmx lighting. I’ve continued development and tried to further abstract usage to more user-friendly forms, and working towards a UI / Web interface.

There’s some challenges ahead that aren’t my forte:

  1. things like FT and the DMX lights are single resources. it would be good to lock them to a single user for important things but also leave them open to multiple people other times
  2. client/server architecture. Pegasus (or somewhere else) can have control of marshalling and sending data to the various endpoints, but might need to be async for various reason. (advanced light shows using both FT and DMX may require it.) I’m not sure yet. But a server managing all connections is probably a good idea, esp with respect ot point 1.

Anyways, check the library out on github. There are some example scripts and very little documentation right now.