Putting Issue Handling into Practice: Petty Theft by a Philanthropist

About a month ago, I caught a philanthropist has been caught taking money out of the snack jar. At the time I believed the issue to be related to financial difficulties leading to a poor decision. We had a talk about it, and it was a small amount, less than $10, so I left it at that.

However, more concerns have arisen with this individual.

I would like to discuss more, but where and how?

I really like the group DM we have going for fundraising guild. I’d like to start one for laser trainers too but haven’t gotten around to it. Do you think a group DM would be a good non-Slack place to handle space guardian issues?

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Well I never followed up on this but it seems this issue and person is being discussed.

This person needs help and is probably almost out on the street. Attempting to acquire money from them in any way, especially in the amounts we are discussing, could possibly and will possibly put them out.

We don’t need money this bad. We also cannot offer the help they need.

I don’t think this community was built nor do I want this community to be built on retribution or restitution. Taking 5K from Noisebridge is not financially ruining us. Taking 5K from a human fallen to the point of stealing is dangerous.

I dont think anyone want’s this persons fate on their conscious. He needs serious help. When I first met him he was a quintessential NB’r. He would help people, had a lot of experience with a lot of things, and liked to talk. He wasn’t perfect, but who is.

As time has passed, he’s clearly fallen on tough times, and I’m confident he’s addicted to something. Even if not, the change in his physical appearance and mannerisms alone indicate serious problems in some facet of his life, financial, mental, whatever. He’s become seriously unpredictable, manipulative, irritable, and inappropriate.

In every case, NB is not a place for people who need assistance caring for themselves like he does now. As noted in other cases, NB is not trained to provide the help he needs.

I fully understand why people would like to get repaid. We all work hard in our own way for that money. But it’s just money. Let him find help. If he gets better, he may come back with repayment.

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For those following this thread at home, this person has been 86’d( aka permabanned) for stealing much more significant amounts than 10 $.


To follow up on @rando.

86/permaban the thief = yes.
Pursue legal action against them = no, not likely to pan out.