Pursuing getting noisebridge on TV?

I got this email from press@noisebridge.net. Do people think we should try to get on TV? I can be the point of contact if yes. It will not cost us money, though we have the option to buy the content to own the licensing after it airs (probably not something that makes financial sense for us).

Pros: exposure
Cons: takes time to set up, clips look like advertisements

Hi there!

My name is Madelyn Fischer, I’m the lead producer for a trending lifestyle series on CBS local stations all around the US called the " This is Series "—the current show I am working on is called “This is SF” for season 3!

(Please see attached letter from our CBS Rep)

I see huge potential in your brand to get you on our show. This is 100% a marketing opportunity, we specialize in making high-quality content in tandem with airings on targetted CBS TV stations.

This is LA | Sizzle Reel

password: c8sizzle

This is Dallas | Tech Dogs

This is SF | Archer X

This is LA | SB Buggies

This is LA | Cyclebar

This is LA | Orangetheory

This is LA | Rounderbum

This is SF | 1 Up Events

This is SF | JuJu Life

This is SF | Baseballism

(Note: These are the private youtube clips of our show. We do not promote our youtube page to the public, only to potential partners.)

Let’s connect ASAP, I am on a casting deadline. My contact info is below.

Madelyn Fischer | Lead Producer

This is Series | The Recruit

[contact info redacted]

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Ha. Thank looks cool to me.

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Cool, I’ll call her tomorrow!

Ahhh naive me, the content buyout is mandatory. Typically $4500 for a 2 minute clip, but can range from $1000 (having some content sponsored by your org) to $10,000. They air on CBS 5 (older crowd) and re air on the CW in San Francisco (she said this was a millennial demographic).

I told her this isn’t something we’re able to pursue right now but if we happen on some funding for marketing then maybe I could contact her again.

Yeah nevermind then. It would only be worth it if it was free. We could get a lot more mileage out of $4500 almost any other way.


Nice of you to blame yourself Ruth, but I more put their cold outreach effort at fault here. Who would suspect that we would need to buy the content?
Thanks for your efforts in bringing it forward, and let’s try to keep an open mind for future opportunities like this! :slight_smile:

That said, my old maxim holds true: Never trust local news. :expressionless:

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@ruthgrace, thank you so much for trying, hopefully better luck in the future.

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Overall I think being a part of the program would be good. I don’t think their program would appeal to our current user base but it may be a draw for locals and tourists that we don’t normally reach.

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