Purge Items (2021/09/07)

These items are on the purge shelf, These are items that have been judged to be less useful then the volume of space that they occupy, if you disagree please respond within one week, and you will now be personally responsible for the given item… if no one responds for a particular item, it will be assumed that we can trash them. Please do not simply remove them from the purge shelf, put it somewhere else in the space without putting some kind of note on it justifying its existence…

Empty tower, black. Sorry for the blurry picture, didn’t realize until I was on my computer

Cushion thing @pyconaut, I think you brought these in?

Misc fabrics

media center case, missing side The side may be somewhere in the space, but I don’t know where it is…

toaster oven, and spatula

tower white


**Metal frames, plastic tubing, wrist straps, “tracer projector” **

**also an old iMac, that doesn’t POST"

I switched to Imgur instead of direct uploads because Discuss kept erroring out

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We know from the last 30 years of research in quantum gravity that the information capacity of a region of space is more fundamentally related to its surface area than to its volume. I propose we reevaluate our cruft metrics to take this into account thank you.



Precisely. Thank you for the visual assist. :smile:


yes, you are right, fixed now, thanks