In just the downstairs area at 272 Capp, we have a lot of large items that take up substantial floor space and are either not working or not used. I’ve posted about them before in various channels and brought them up in meetings. Here’s three that I’ve now listed on Craigslist:

  • Large (3 foot high, about 2 foot diameter each) pair of subwoofers
  • Internet Station plastic kiosks, about 4 feet high, basically just a small low quality display embedded in a piece of plastic, with a router bolted on. (We can use any tablet to make a touchscreen display if we want one)
  • INdustrial snap setters. Yes, they’re neat, workign pieces of factory level machinery. Yet they are huge, heavy, and no one is using them or has indicated wanting to use them.

These are only the first of many things that need to leave the space because we literally can’t move around or use the floor space, tables, etc. that we are paying for because they are being used as storage for large objects.

I’ll list new things in this thread and in meetings as they come up and as I have the ability to deal with them.



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Thanks so much for doing this Liz!

I’ve been cleaning up the wires from the hackitorium tables, as that’s been attracting a lot of clutter lately.

Is it possible to move the scale and bike to the back? I would like to not see them, even if we can’t get rid of them.

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Not as important, but I also wonder how much of the library should be potentially donated and see if we can get new book & zines donations.

Tons of books that have more conservative & capitalist orientation (Seven Habits of Highly Effective Capitalist Asshats type books, etc.)

But I would want to get collective consent before purging books as I am a newbie key holder
and collective consent always is excellent !

Also any purging of older and more conservative type books could be based upon what kinds of new donations we could get ?

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If you don’t like these books, then don’t read them. Don’t remove them from our library.

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idk on this one. I’ve actually read a few EQ-related books and videos, since I’m a person who struggles with it, and they can actually help. It’s just marketed towards VC douchebags and so it gets that rep.

Maybe we can rewrite the cover as “7 Excellent Habits of Radical Organization” and rephrase them to:

  1. Act do-ocratically
  2. Envision the anarchist utopia you wish to build
  3. (Can’t think of a good one, but it’s basically prioritization)
  4. Operate by Consensus
  5. Radical openness requires you to understand, then be understood
  6. Our community, our goal
  7. Ask how can we be more Excellent

That being said, even if Atlas Shrugged or something were on the shelf, I’d probably just put it somewhere hidden. Just because I’m not afraid of the book doesn’t mean we should showcase it.


Just put Atlas shrugged into a new section called “Conservative deranged ramblings” or something :stuck_out_tongue: even if we had a book that was like 101 ways to cook babies I’m not sure censoring is the right choice… We’re all adults, capable of making our own choices and thoughts on things, we should treat each other as such

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Also, since the topic of conversation has shifted to getting rid of books, maybe this should be a new thread called “Purge-a-story” :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t ever remove any books as individual Noisebridge participant. This is a call for collective input.

I am just bringing up potential idea about book space and maybe new books & zines matching more interests of overall Noisebridge community.

Reiterating from original post:
“But I would want to get collective consent before purging books as I am a newbie key holder and collective consent always is excellent !”


“Proper” libraries do have withdrawal policies and such, there needs to be some way to keep a collection weeded. Maybe a clearly labelled bin and a convention of applying sticky notes with an explanation of why the book should be removed (“10 years out of date“, “we have 3 copies already”, “does anyone even enjoy reading this?” or whatever), and if items stay in it for a certain amount of time they get discarded?

maybe this should be a new thread called “Purge-a-story”

:laughing: I think we need someone with moderator permissions to split the thread, but they should definitely use this as the title.