Purchase welding safety gear with discretionary fund?

I couldn’t find our welding safety gloves and jacket. Has anyone seen them recently? If they wore out and had become unsafe, I can understand getting rid of them, but we shouldn’t have a welder in the space without offering protective gear for it.

@gaardn I can order another gloves and jacket if the discretionary fund will cover them. I bought the last set 1/2 out of pocket and 1/2 equipment fund. The last gloves and jacket I bought for the space were about $45 together and lasted for a while, at least until recently.

Also the surface of the viewing area on the cartridge is in bad shape, there are protectors that go over it (I’ve put a new one on just now), but one was not installed so splatter from welding has splashed directly on the cartridge. Visibility is still okay enough for welding so I think that is okay for now. Also the replacement cartridge apparently costs nearly as much as the helmet.


Let’s prioritize having working resources that are safe to use. Purchase whatcha need to get the welder in order.

Thank you for handling this, @hicksu. If you post the receipts and which fund(s) are being used for each item to #finance-wg, I’ll reimburse you.

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Ordered. I’ll post the receipt in finance