Proposed leaflet for visitors

Proposed leaflet for visitors. Feedback welcome at the next meeting/online.
Edits can be made here: Noisebridge


Whoa this is a great flyer! Thanks for making it! I’d suggest removing the ‘safe space is brave space’ line because I don’t think anybody is going to know what that means. We will communicate to anyone who is here long enough that we are a space that believes in healthy conflict in the interest of resolving issues.

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Amazing work! I added a couple nit comments (Hackitorium spelling, American floor format, and a missing parenthesis), but looks ready to go overall!


Great work!

more nit picks:

  • each other is two words
  • every 1-2-3-4 section has question mark expect for last, seems inconsistent, this is just a suggestion, take it or leave it

Ah you’re definitely right as I took ‘brave space’ to mean “You’re responsible for your own safety here.”.

Can we make this file open source? I’d like to post a version of this with some changes. Changes revolve around making text more readable for accessibility (like the white and the yellow for the map), or just alignment of text.

Oh it is already on Canva. cool! I made some changes.

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Wait where is the link to the online / canva version of this? Is there a vector version I can download?

Just found it, Noisebridge

I think we should make “stage” quite small (ie just where the actual stage is) The stuff in front of the stage is space we are using for people to hack and meet and work, when we’re not just before, during, or just after a performance event. I’ve edited that into the flyer as “Garage” (I’ve been calling it Hackitorium East, but Garage is catchier maybe?)

Half of the upstairs front room is marked as “Ham Radio”. I think that at least during Covid we should instead use that space for classes and hacking. It is right by the windows and the ventilation is good. It should be a multipurpose area rather than something for one project.

I wanna download a vector svg version for printing, but that option is for paid canva members only.

If someone has a paid canva account, could you dl and post an svg of the most recent version in this thread?


Ooop. Looks like discuss changes the file format. Here’s a download link: Smash

A bit of a nitpick, but the flyer says we are a non-profit educational institution. Actually our paperwork classifies us as “P28” which means a neighborhood / community center. So, we probably shouldn’t say we are an “educational institution” even though we hold workshops and sometimes ongoing, informal classes. I suggest instead saying “a non-profit community center and workshop”.

P28 definition: "Neighborhood-based multipurpose centers that offer, at a single location, a wide variety of services and activities that are structured to meet the needs of the entire community through different programs for different age and interest groups. "

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I would also like to see a Spanish language version

@lizzard could potentially help with translation?

I love this idea, but I am better with translation from Spanish to English, not so much the other way! Let’s ask around on our various channels for someone who has better Spanish fluency!