Proposal: TelebridgeStation

I’ve created a proposal for a revamp of our Jitsi/Telepresence machine, please feel welcome to modify, suggest changes, and also pledge money toward this goal

I will pitch in too!

Update for those not in recent meetings:

It turns out just having a webcam microphone is sufficient for remote peeps, so this system might be overkill for now.

However, if you do want this to happen, please let us know and help kickstart the fundraising again!

I’m thinking of buying a small setup for the upstairs (i.e. webcam, single omnidirectional microphone + small mixer/converter).

We have enough pledge money for around $200 worth of material, which should cover it imo.

Like a couple of these microphones and a camera could be under $100, and we have enough speakers imo.

Its entirely possible to use the two audio speakers that are mounted near the windows as our speakers up there. They could still be used for music and such as well, we could just move them where we wanted them.