Projection mapping collaboration with Cartoonists

I hang out with a lot of cartoonists who teach at the Cartoon Art Museum. We’re meeting weekly and a lot of people are getting into Animations and Blender.

We are inspired by the French limestone projections of Van Gogh: Photos: A Quarry of Lights in Southern France - The Atlantic

We’d like to experiment with temporary art projection mappings on walls at Noisebridge, starting with rooms… It could get larger, and there would eventually be animations also projected onto 3D mannequins and print outs.

  • How do we find out if a projector is available?
  • How can we help with the projectors as well (maintenance) shepherding

This fun project would also cross with the cool work being done in the Blender learning class !

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We have a projector in the space, I’ve seen it used on occasion. Not sure what kind it is – does it matter? I’m not sure what the deal is with the maintenance – were i to guess, it’s probably not maintained by anyone right now.

Blender class is on hiatus as it needs a new teacher.


@James Yes I think there should be a Blender colearning session - I’m trying to think about when to find time to lead it, I expressed interest, trying to figure out the right time since I’m usually learning surfing on Sunday afternoons. Possibly Sunday evenings?

@sophia_wisdom Aha found the AV wiki page which is probably outdated so I should update it ey? AV - Noisebridge Let me get to work

A bunch of the cartoonists is interested, we usually meet Wednesdays as well for drink and draw at 2 locations in the city. (one of whom drew cartoons on one of the first tables at Noisebridge that is still there!)

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Hey @miromi ! Any day works fine right now, the Blender class was on Sunday but it doesn’t have to be.

That page is indeed outdated. We currently have an Epson 2150 (which might have WiFi? What?) It can rotate the projection screen in addition to resizing and focus, and apparently a bunch of other features.
We also have a projector screen hung up (albeit a bit precariously), see pictures below.

Let me know if you have any more questions, and need any help with setup (the projector itself is not setup, but we can roll in a table). Looking forward to this being a thing!


Wow this is great! I guess I should come in and make a tutorial on how to use it - I’m scared of breaking stuff. I’ll start researching and downloading the manual and chat with the comic book cartoonists!


Hey @culteejen I totally dropped the ball on this. Also rejoined Sudoroom hackerspace across the bay and they have projectors as well. Thanks for pointing me to the Epson 2150

I’ve seen a lot of cool art projects over the years that have done what people are trying to do new with mixed reality etc but with projectors. Some examples

Krzysztof Wodiczk is really cool! Here’s a piece he did in Tijuana. Dude is rad

After a two-year process, Krzysztof Wodiczko’s project culminated in two evenings of projections on the 60-foot-diameter façade of the Omnimax Theater at the Centro Cultural Tijuana. Known for his large-scale outdoor projections, with “Tijuana Projection/Proyección en Tijuana” Wodiczko wanted to use progressive technology to give voice and visibility to the women who work in the maquiladora industry in Tijuana. The projections consisted of prerecorded materials interspersed with live feeds from a headset with an integrated camera and microphone designed by the artist and worn by the participating women. This was Wodiczko’s first time creating a projection incorporating live segments, adding a certain immediacy and potency to the presentation of these very personal accounts.

I’m still meeting weekly with my cartoonist collective folks in Oakland. Wondering what we can do? With projectors it feels like a lot of quick and easy work is totally possible

I thought more about this and I think I’m going to acquire a bunch of cheap, small projectors that are highly mobile. That leaves more room for experimentation ! This will also be a fun way to get to know he latest projection-mapping technology

Found some interesting links -

This will be a fun adventure!

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Cool stuff! Do you think you’ll do more of this at Noisebridge, or more at Sudo Room? Best of luck either way

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@culteejen you know maybe both? but mostly Sudoroom since I’m a member. I just ordered my portable projector, and the drink and draw cartoonists are getting excited. let’s get this party started

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This sounds really fun! We have a front patio space (fenced) with tables and chairs and a wall you could project on which is great at night and visible from the street. Could make a cool evening event! I’m down to help make this happen at Noisebridge !

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Thanks! I’m really excited. It’s going to be my main focus going to sudoroom and noisebRidge meetings tonight

What’s cool is that I think we can also connect short and long term with creative folks in Los Angeles. I know a curator in Los Angeles who has created a lot of collaborative art events with street kids, skaters (both skateboarding and roller skaters) and bicyclists and even went to Senegal and did a lot of community work there. Elle Seven presents RIDE:Senegal - YouTube

That’s long term though! I think this is a great way to learn projection mapping and also incorporate a lot of other cool projects from NoisebRidge and SudoRoom into an art setting. Imagine seeing projections of electronics from noisebRidge SudoRoom on the wall and poetry etc. it would be really fun!

had some great discussions today and have started an official wiki for light projection mapping

Here’s my first 3D scan of the Noisebridge courtyard. We eventually plan to do light projection mapping projects here!

OK so my update on the project - i shifted my attention instead to bicycle light projection. I’m focused on making software that makes it easy to distort the stuff,and it’s a nice way to learn math!

I presented this at my last five minutes of fame, with lots of thanks to those around Noisebridge and SudoRoom who have helped me!

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Hi. I recall a mannequin example. USAF Museum, visitor area of wpafb, next to wpafb, there was exhibit with one of those. Head with face had body, costumed with flight helmet and other gear of a USAF aircraft crew member. The face-actor recording spoke a script to viewers of that exhibit. It was rear projection, of a speaking face. (moving eyes, mouth, and other facial expression elements)
-Frank B. / itekramp- Thu.19May2022

Hey, that sounds fun! I’d like to contribute sometime. I work on this HTML 3D toolkit: