Project swap meet / speed hacking

Are you tired of working on a project that might just take a few hours? I mean, aren’t we all? Which one, am I right here fellow vertibrae?

Bring a project you want someone else to finish for you, and learn about someone else’s project and finish theirs.

I haven’t worked out all the mechanics. Maybe

  1. group projects by skills required
  2. group people by skills acquired
  3. do some kind of quick and dirty matching or like maybe speed dating?
  4. We need a closed ring for this to be a success…maybe some people WITHOUT projects come to lend skills?
  5. We can have the person who is working on your project sit to your right, so you can answer questions while hacking on the project for the person to your left.
  6. The goal is for the whole group to finish as much as all the projects as possible.

first order of business: needs a snappier name.


If this goes well we should do it again at Stupid Hackathon for unexpected results xD
See if someone can creatively fulfill your project specs

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It sounds fun! Maybe the only caveat is that startup peeps looking for technical cofounders have to donate a bazillion dollars to attend. That is, people with projects they want other people to do while not intending to execute anything themselves are discouraged.

But maybe it’s possible for an engineer and a sales/marketing person to trade work in win-win way? I guess the allowable types of projects/skills just have to be defined in advance.

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Great point, i didn’t think of that.

I’m sort of in that boat., except that the reason I’m trying to put together an app for Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema is that they can’t afford to pay a professional, so I’m trying, in my moments of lucidity, to figure out how to do it. It’s not something that I’m looking to make money off of, just something that would make BHOC’s Friday Night Film Crawl easier for people to navigate.

That doesn’t not fit the spirit of the event nor the criteria I mentioned. it would not be a good fit at all.

@antfaber , I think if you bring skills that you can offer to help complete other people’s projects to trade for help with your project, it might work. But if you just want one way help then you’re better off attending one of our classes instead.

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Ha! Yes, get a random project with some unknown level of documentation and make it do…anything. Your inputs are already guaranteed to be stupid.

Let me know if you see any logistic issues/solutions with me attempting this.