PROJECT Bubblegum

There is a burning desire in me to share our collective knowledge to the world. There are some interesting obstacles that will be solved and I believe we will manifest the solution to something.

Let’s build this topic up in an endeavor to chew on a passion project for NoiseBridge to make an upgrade to the human collective.

What dreams do you have that could make a global impact? Think global, act local.

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Lately I’ve been thinking that we/Noisebridge should host an event called “The Coolest Shit You Know” or the like: a 5MoF-esque event where each person speaks for 3 minutes about the 3 coolest projects/sites/apps/books/movies they know about, 1 minute and 1 slide each, linking people to where they can learn more. 4 slides total: 3 for the projects etc and 1 for their contact info.

This would help circulate the impressive amount of cutting-edge knowledge that Noisebridgers already have – to each other, and to the world!