Project Blinkenlights

Hello folx!

We are making great progress in some of our common areas, especially the one upstairs. The big issue with the upstairs, though, is that we don’t have a ton of lighting.

Now we could just add a couple lamps to the space. But what if we could rig it so we could control the lighting, from regular to cyberpunk and everywhere in between?

I propose that we do a couple things:

  • First, create a lining of LEDs in the upstairs room. LEDs are super bright, so we don’t have to go overboard. I can draw some lighting plans, I’m thinking on each of the far walls and on the main walkway.
  • Second, getting the large of supply of LEDs to work with an Arduino (I can also bring some LED lighting myself if that doesn’t work)
  • Third, using wifi communication to program the lights, preferrably through a simple API.
  • Also, integrate a client with Spotify / other inputs (Spotify has a ton of data and programming beat marks and keys would be simple)

I’ve already created a (very alpha) version here: GitHub - tmelanson17/theculteejen: Project to rig a household plant with LEDs and sync it to music for mood lighting. Could be used to sync any LED set to music. Although I am currently busy, and can’t spend all day on it, I can take a few minutes out of my day to do planning and minor edits to move the project forward.

Let me know if you have interest, and I can potentially continue this on Discuss / make a Slack channel!
cc @fineline


That sounds amazing! I’m definitely interested and happy to help.

Ah, I realize this has been a while. I haven’t had much time to work on it, I do have a Github for the Rust Spotify library but that may not be relevant until the LEDs are set up.

There are some “non-programmable” LEDs in the upstairs now, but they could potentially be hacked via packet sniffer.