Presenting this Sunday 4 PM: Linux Shell and System Hackery Educational Endeavors Part Zero

We’ll be using command line tools via the Bash shell to poke around a Debian linux system - aiming to teach/learn all the fun stuff as well as a few of the trickier bits, and exploring some basic system security issues along the way.

This will be the first of an ongoing discussion for people interested in learning (and teaching) their way around the command line on unix-ish systems. Join us Sundays 4 PM to 6 PM in the virtual Turing room: and HACK THE PLANET!

A decent reference

This site is based on a creative commons licensed book - 19th edition is a 555 page pdf which seems pretty comprehensive for a “beginner” guide.

Really just a few commands and concepts can do a lot to get started.

(And then can figure out all the rest much more easily if / when necessary.)

… pinging a few people who might be interested @James @jcer415 @reilytech

Meeting today from 4 PM to 6 PM, once again in the virtual Turing room →

(Continuing the introduction to “advanced basic shell hackery” to find our way around unix-ish systems)

This class is actually so much fun. Quotes from today:

Dan: “It’s dangerous, but this is Noisebridge”

Bash: “cannot possibly work” & “This incident will be reported” (x2)

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The journey continues - today from 4 to 6 PM, will be working with ksh on OpenBSD and comparing with Bash on Debian.

Join us in the virtual Turing room →