Pre-gala cleanup and hack day!



I don’t think the space is particularly messy or whatnot, but I’d like to organize a tiny cleanup day this Saturday to get the space ready for the party. I’ll be there, 3pm onwards. Just some sweeping, cleaning windows, tidying up the space a bit, fixing random arts that need fixed, making sure the AV/PA system isn’t buggy, etc. If it turns out we have need for a bulk trash/e-waste pickup, that’ll get arranged then as well. Hopefully it’ll stick through next week and we won’t have nearly as much work to do on the day of the party.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #2

ill try to come by at some point to finish setting up the live streaming to be able to show presenter laptop screens. not sure if we’ll be live streaming the event but now we have the option, and it’s easy enough that anyone can be trained on it

(Jarrod) #3

Cleaning Noisebridge would normally be my jam, but I am out of town this weekend.

(Kieryn Darkwater) #4

I can be there

(Matt) #5

I created a meet-up. Can someone tweet or something?

I don’t like the pic either but I have to get going.

(Matt) #6

Can you’all join the meetup so it looks fun? If we do things like “like” and “join” each others events i think it creates an atmosphere that is “supporting”, which i read about somewhere and also helps keeps roofs over heads.

(Robert Nielsen) #7

I like the idea…On trash night we would def. want to be filling the cans up getting ready for this party.