Potential front door fixing

So from what I understand, we have a semi-working door, which could be prevented from opening via the SHED according to @croepha . However, @the mentioned the door becomes difficult to close from the outside after a few tries, and may be in need of further repair.

It says in the notes we “almost have a disabled access button” . What does this mean? What steps have been done and what is still needed?

We will also need a box for the front door mechanism, which @mentar has offered to co-operate on, but could use more volunteers.

I wasn’t aware that the door is difficult to close, it seems fine to me. you do have to pull it shut for it to latch sometimes though…

The ADA Door opener thing requires a bit of love or creative engineering… we think that maybe reducing friction/scrape points might help but as it stands currently, the automatic door opener at-best opens half way, and it doesn’t pull the door shut enough to latch…

The enclosure for shed does need to get done, I think that there has been delays relating to the equipment in the space not being fully functional, like the C&C machine for example… but I think I might try just making something simple out of some scrap wood on Tuesday as an alternate plan

I just tried to close it tonight. Just closing the door does not trigger the latch and it can be opened up again, even if you press up against it.
I needed someone’s key to unlock the latch, then press against the door to trigger a proper lock.

This is not excellent for our “open” noisebridge situation just yet. for people who close the door are and enter during our working hours should expect it to lock when it closed behind them.

Alas, it is not too difficult for the closing crew with keys to lock the door right now, so at least that works.