Poster for the gala

Any volunteers want to hack up something goofy that can get plastered around town and other spaces?

Cool. What info needs plastering on it?

Is the event’s end-time at midnight, or at 10:00pm? I’m double-checking, because I want to put the correct times for when I email for the Fire Department permit, and the “One Time Indoor Event” permit.

The time is different in the meetup page:

It says:
“Saturday, April 27, 2019
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM”

Thanks in advance.

(I just brought this up, because of @tdfischer’s post from 4 days ago.)

Hi everyone, this has been resolved by @tdfischer. Actual end-time of the gala is at midnight & not 10:00pm. I edited it in Meetup to reflect this.

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Hi @James , were you volunteering to make the flyer? The event is coming up pretty soon and we need to be able to promote it ASAP

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James, that looks AWESOME!!! ill start scheduling social media with it :smiley:
Thanks so much!!

The date (April 27th), the time (7pm - 12a), the location (2169 mission), the lineup (ask @mana), and a big message that this is an art auction fundraiser rent party for the most amazing place on the planet.