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Just what it says. If there’s something on the wiki that is wrong and you don’t want to personally deal with changing it, post it here! We got your back.

Add sections of the Wiki to update, or try updating one!

The front page.
NAW - audio workstation

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Information about the NAW/audio hacking/music production area is well out of date, apparently being last updated before the NAW’s were moved to their present location. This is probably still worth updating despite Noisebridge’s potential move in the near future as the music area contains no “hot work” items and folks like to stop by and bang out a few beats, play some guitar, etc.

I’ll try and work on it some but may not get to it right away.

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Front page needs a lot of work, for starters. Challenge: try to find out what equipment is in the woodshop, starting from the front page, using only clicks.

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Two clicks: “our many resources” => “Dirty shop” => success

agree with the suggestion though.

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Also yeah, I see there are lots of “resources” pages missing from that front page section anyway.

Yeah, you can get there if you already know where you are going, but no “reasonable” person is going to know either that “Resources” includes physical build space updates, or “dirty shop” gets you to the woodshop, much less that a person would know BOTH of those things.

Except, of course, the people who don’t need the info on that page because they already know stuff. But even then, it took even ME a long time to figure out that it was buried under resources.

Thanks James!

Hey @MetaGuild, could some of you drop in some links on the pages of wiki we’ve started re-organizing based off the Game Guild templates, etc. I’m looking through the edits and am slightly overwhelmed, mostly because I could not stay on for the full call. Thanks!

Hm, are you just generally referring to the guilds pages? I think those go without saying that we are in the constant process of bettering them? (and so don’t necessarily need to be listed?)

Moved music information to Audio section. Updated our MusicGuild page to be about the instruments and events we offer. Expanded Unicorn page and added information on a couple tools we now offer via our server. See wiki edits for details.

Interesting pages: our wiki sorted by pages with the most changes or Most Linked to categories.

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Question on policy here. Should we delete pages that are out of date and not useful?

This is an event from 2008. That does not seem to be recurring. And does not contain useful notes for the future.

I know it has a note specifying that it is an event that already occurred. But I wanted to get thoughts on just deleting pages like these. Or reasons why they should persist.

This is an event a gem from 2008.

kind of like hitting the random link page on the wiki and finding interesting tidbits like this. will never get back those hours wasted, but hey.

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a window into the past, might be helpful for students of NB “ancient” history

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Thanks Chris, that would be helpful as I don’t fully know what is there. I’m hoping I can figure out exactly what the point of this thread was in my mind because I don’t think I named it properly. Maybe it should just be called “sticky notes about Wiki” lol

You are right on NAW being out of date. The main issue is when the audio station was moved, the work was done without consulting anyone who had assembled and documented it originally. There was a lot of confusion, which was never truly resolved and brought stress upon the regular ableton teachers.

It would have really helped for those who moved the station to reach out to the actual teachers, even afterwards, but that did not happen. Hopefully, those at the space can improve the documentation and encourage better support + communication towards Noisebridge teachers in the future.

Btw: I’ve converted the first post in this thread to a wiki-editable post, meaning we can all edit it to organize our links and ideas there.

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