Possible new class: Autonomous robotics group

Hello NB!

A meetup I am part of, the Autonomous Robotics group, has recently been kicked out of theShop.build, and would like a new home for their workshops / lessons. Last week, I talked with one of the founders, and she said she would love to host the event in Noisebridge.

The events are biweekly, and usually last about 2 hours. Each consists of a 1 hour lesson followed by a 1 hour project development “office hours” where people work independently on their projects with the guidance of the organizer / other mentors.

The original meetup event is here: https://www.meetup.com/SF-Autonomous-Robotics-Group/

I realize Noisebridge is tight on learning class schedule space, especially as said organization founder has kids and would rather not do this on a weekend. We tentatively had plans for 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Wednesday. This would allow the class to not interrupt any other taught classes (I realize the conflict with the self-taught whiteboarding workshop), and by the BUILDL class the robotics class could move somewhere else in the space to continue to work on projects.

Before we solidify plans, I would like to get feedback on the proposed time and let me know if there are better times weekday evenings. Thank you for your support!


Yes, I think you would be able to find space for your meetup at the proposed time :slight_smile:

I agree that you should be able to get space on Wednesday nights. You might be able to use Church classroom as the Wednesday night Gamebridge class doesn’t not start until 8PM.

To let others know about the meetup, I recommend coming to one of the noisebridge general meetings (Tuesday at 8) to announce it.

As an FYI: This will be an event this Wednesday, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM! Come one, come all, to see Divya give a lecture about robotics.